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First Kiss Story

This first kiss story was written by our very own Kylee Shepherd. This story is a very brief view into the world she hopes to one day make a series. She entered this piece into the First Kiss Writing Contest for Anime Banzai 2014 and earned 1st place. We are happy to showcase her amazing writing here on WerePanda Productions.

Story Background

The main characters, Taireth and Z, have just fought Taireth's uncle in a duel to the death. The uncle has been discovered as to having an evil alter ego and he is left for dead by Taireth. Taireth's uncle threw Z through a broken window 8 stories up and Taireth stabbed his uncle and went after her. They have transformative powers, so they are gargoyle like people with wings and quick healing powers at night. They change back into people during the day after an hour of forced unconsciousness when the sun comes up.

First Kiss Story

With diamonds of glass in her soft, violet hair, she looked like the queen of their race. Her face was stoic and unmoving, adding to the regal appeal of her features.  She always seemed so majestic and unattainable, despite having watched her eat a whole half a pizza by herself in one sitting. Z was perfect, to Taireth at least. Her smile was mocking, yet loving, her eyes were deep and knowing, her hair was gorgeous and flowing. She was perfect.

And it was ruined now. Taireth tried to focus on just her face as he looked down at her but the shards of broken glass and dirty street she lay in were too distracting.  He couldn’t unsee her lying, crumpled and broken, in the road.  He wanted nothing more than to be at home, watching her sleep on the couch in the comfort of his loft, but they weren’t and they wouldn’t be.

He knelt with her head in his lap, cradling her close to him without moving her body. ‘What if her spine was broken? What if she had internal bleeding?’ He didn’t want to risk hurting her more but he needed to be close to her, to comfort Z, because how could she possibly come out of this alive, even with healing powers?  She’d fallen 8 stories to the concrete below after being thrown through an office window.  She’d also been stabbed by his once favorite uncle, the wound in her side slowly flowing beneath her. The damage was endless. Taireth tried not to look beyond her face.

Taireth knew she was already dead , or she would be soon.  He kept looking frantically over her, begging with his eyes for her to please move, make some sign, do something.  She didn’t give an answer.  He brushed the bits of rubble and glass from her dark purple hair, combing it tenderly, carefully, lovingly.  He really had loved her, cherished her even. He never told her, never did anything to prove it, to make his feelings known.  How he longed for her from the second he first saw her in his house, how he knew she belonged there with him.  The way he always wanted to lean in and hug her after every test they took together, wanted to tell her how beautiful she was after every workout even though she thought she was a mess. The way, every time she giggled, he was torn between letting the laugh continue, because it was the most delightful tinkle of chimes, or cutting it off to lean in for a swift kiss on her quirked lips.

She’d never know.  A splash of water landed on her face and Taireth looked up to the stars for rain. The sky was bright from the cities glow and the the stars twinkled at him in complete apathy. Where was the rain? He blinked, confused, then realized he was crying.  The water welled in his eyes and overflowed down his navy blue cheeks. He stifled his ache, being quiet, not wanting to disturb Z in her final moments but the pain in his chest swelled and caught in his throat as the storm broke in his heart.

He couldn’t remember the last time he’d really cried.

The tears fell in her hair, on her nose, on her chin.  They ran down to the pavement below and yet the city continued to watch uncaring.  Taireth couldn’t believe the Universe didn’t care she was gone.  Wouldn’t remember she had been here, wouldn’t mind turning while her light went out.  Taireth’s chest shook as he tried to hold back howl’s of anguish. He punched the ground beside him, splitting his knuckles open across the bone. It splashed in the muddy gutter, spewing some muck onto them both.  Crying freely now, Taireth wiped the dirt from Z’s cheek and arm, trying to get the majority of it off her chest without being inappropriate.

“Trying to cop a feel one last time?” Taireth had been too engaged in brushing the pebbles and grime away, he hadn’t notice Z wake. He startled, recoiling a bit.

“Don’t go, you make a good pillow,”Z wheezed, hand feebly waving after Taireth, beckoning him to remain.

Taireth gave a watery chuckle. “I wouldn’t dream of it,” he croaked.

Z smirked a little bit, making Taireth think she might still pull through after all, she was her same old self.  She winced, gasping and trying to move. His illusion was broken.

“Don’t move, you’re really beat up. I can call Danny to come get us and take us back  to the house to fix you up. Okay? Just hang on.” He reached into his pocket as he said this, only stopping when she spoke.

She chuckled softly. “You mean you haven’t already called for help? Typical silly boy.”  She shook her head slightly.

Taireth sniffed, tears drying almost instantly.  “I thought you were dead,” he practically shouted, almost dropping his phone. He needed something to replace the sadness and anger over crying for this stupid, wonderful girl was helping dry the tears.

“I’m kidding dummy.” She wheezed and winced at him.  “Don’t be mad, but I’m pretty sure I am dying. I don’t want to go while you’re upset with me, though. Just... stay with me?” She smiled a half smile just how he liked.

Taireth knew what he had to do. He didn’t know if he’d ever get the chance again. He took a deep breath, and leaned down, pressing his lips to hers.  

It wasn’t graceful, it wasn’t great, or all that cinematic although his forehead on her chin and her forehead against his chin did seem familiar.  It was just a simple kiss.  A muddy, teary, dirty, fantastically uninhibited and simple kiss. No one was around to judge them, his father’s disapproving looks were far away. He didn’t need to hide behind his facade anymore.

They were both grimy, on the ground, exhausted, injured and surrounded by broken glass. But the kiss was perfect. It conveyed all Taireth had yearned to say.  He thought she was beautiful, funny, wonderful, perfect, and just right for him. He wanted her to pull through and live with him forever because they were meant to be together, until the sun blew up and they died in each other’s arms. He drew his mouth away slowly and brushed some mud from her cheek and quirked a smile back at her.  Whispering quietly, he pressed his mouth to hers again and murmured, “I love you,” against her lips  and they briefly kissed once more.

She stared up at his face, her eyes dewy and brimming with her own tears. “My name is Zania.”


“My name,” she sighed. “It’s Zania. I never told you because I thought it was lame, but I want you to know. It isn’t fair you… like me, without knowing my real name before I go.”

“Stop talking like you’re going to die, you’re not going to die!” His conviction made his hands shake and his throat close again. He looked to his phone, finally sending a text to Danny of where they were and to hurry up.

“Taireth...” her hand brushed his in an attempt to stop his efforts. “I’m not regenerating. I can feel it. I don’t think I will…..” Her eyes widened in fear. Both of them froze as the street lights went out around them. They had 5 minutes to get somewhere safe.  “Taireth, leave me,” she whispered urgently.  “Now. Go to the alley over there  and hide in the trash. We don’t have any time before the sun comes up. Please, just go!”

As the sky was lightening and the darkness diminished, he too realized how little time they had left. “I’m going to hide you with me. The sun will heal you even more. Please, trust me. I’ll get us both to safety.”

She looked into his face with eyes  full of tears. They couldn’t possibly find space for both of them to hide properly and she wanted him to be safe. Still, she gave in to his pleas. Maybe she loved him too. “Yes, I’ll trust you.”

He picked her up slowly by the shoulders and started to drag her across the street, carefully trying not to jostle her more than was necessary to move but still trying to go quickly. She scraped along the broken grass and hissed under her breath, she didn’t want to startle him or cause him to stop, they only had so many seconds left.

Taireth brought her up over a curb and she cried out, going limp in his arms. “Z! I’m so sorry, are you okay?” She was unconscious again, the pain had been too much from her stab wound by going up that small curve. Grimacing,  he started to pull her quicker, trying to move away from the line of sight to the avenue.

They reached the pile of trash Zania had pointed out and he adjusted some old pallets and garbage bins to form a lean-to against the nearest building. Crawling in, he carefully pulled Z in behind him. He kissed the top of her head, confident they would awaken to the day refreshed and completely healed from the fight. The last thought to flit through his mind was ‘It’s okay, Z- Zania, will be alright after all. It’ll be okay….’

Daybreak came slowly, as usual, the light breaking over the street and glittering on the broken window and alighting on the blood in the street. The sun rose and the day started as usual, ignorant of the two people hidden in trash, one hoping his only true love will wake up with him and the other just wanting the pain to stop. They both slumbered, completely unaware of a dark blue SUV that pulled up to their hiding spot and the several uniformed men who stepped out. They were scanning  the area for 2 injured, unconscious teens to take back to base.

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