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Saturday, March 7th, 2015

Episode 5 is Here!!!

Did you hear that?? It was the sound of some random person screaming in excitement for the newest episode, which you can view - and SHOULD view - HERE. In honor of this new episode, I would like to teach all of you a song. It's called: "Ben & Company". If you know the title, you know the words. And for all you, I-take-the-world-literally people, the words are not, Ben ampersand Company, although that could be just as awesome.

If you listened to our most recent podcast. Oh, wait! Check out the latest podcast HERE first! Alright, now that you've listened to it, you laughed a lot (Aaron's stories, am I right?). You also heard that we had been looking for a house, well we found one! Funny thing about it though: Come to find out, this seller is - in some way - backward in this house by $1,000,000. You heard me. A MILLION DOLLARS!! I don't even…I'm speechless! So, our agency, and the selling agency were fighting to see if the house should even be allowed on the market. I only found this out today while talking to Aaron, so I called Daniel because there is no way that could be true. Turns out, they had the wrong guy. But…whoever you are out there, sir….dang. Good luck to you. So we have ourselves a house everyone!

I would like everyone to take a moment of silence in honor of Alan. He has left, which is sad. The good news is, he's in San Francisco for work, and will be back this weekend. Whew! Jerry would also like everyone to know that he didn't start the fire, from my first update. However, I think we know the rest of the story. It was always burning, right? Real classy Jerry.- Levi Todd/Commander.

Friday, February 27th, 2015

New Updates!!!

Well, guess what everyone? I'm back! Last time I wrote, I asked your feedback on my updates, and we received many, many replies. All good, all good! After what he read, Daniel kindly asked me to….how did he put it, "Stop. Just, just stop. I'd read you the responses I got but, you look sad today. So I figured there was no better day than today to read them!" Just kidding. But, seriously, please feel free to send us your feedback. It's the life-blood of a business to know what others are thinking, and what others would like to see from you.

Wow, is it the end of the week again?! How does this keep happening? It's like, one day it's Monday, which *slowly* becomes Tuesday, which drags until Wednesday, and Wednesday takes forever to finally become Thursday, then BAM! It's Friday! That sounds like your typical week, right? Someone? Anyone? Yeah, you get it.

Episode 5 is underway, which you will see VERY soon! I cannot wait for everyone to see it! I'll tell you, frame by frame, what to expect. Expect Alex Hunter. There's a name that would make ladies - and many men - swoon. You can't beat the allure that he exudes to those he's around. Just listen to that voice….. *sigh*…. heaven. This time we'll see if he's up to snuff in being able to raise as much gil as Ben Scythe. Wow, even writing that I just had to stop and laugh! Someone beating Ben and Company?!?!? Hahahaha! *Ahem* Anyways, stay tuned for the latest Episode, and let us know what you think.

There's another Podcast up, which you can view HERE. If you listened to the last one, save your judgement for this one. This time, I decided that everyone would like it better if the microphone chosen was the right one, and not the one off of my computer. Good thinking? I thought so, too. Also, if you haven't noticed it yet, take a look at our new artwork, which we are calling Geek Tiles. Quickly fly over to them HERE, if you'd like. Pretty cool, huh? The talent that these people bring to the table is limitless!! I don't mean to brag, but I'm going to. These guys rock. Everyone except Tom, actually. Sorry man, but you had it coming. And don't give me that, "I thought you were in a rocky phase, so I wanted to be there for her" bull crap. You owe me bro!

Everyone enjoy your weekend! If you're working, I feel ya. Wouldn't it be nice to not go into work this weekend? Can I get an Amen?! No? Fine…- Levi Todd/Commander.

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

We Finally Figured it Out!!!

So, I don't know if you guys have been thinking, but Alan and I sure have, and we've finally figured it out! The Pokemon we've been drawing look more like silhouettes than tribal representations. With that in mind, we have come up with a new name for them: "Pokeuettes". I know, kind of cheesy, but Alan and I love it. A nice merging of Pokemon and Silhouette. Of course, with this new name, we also have a new picture. So far, I would have to say it is one of my favorites. It looks amazing, in my opinion. Alan is one fantastic artist. You can see the new picture to the left, or you can check out all the Pokeuettes HERE.

Other than that, things have been very slow here, at WerePanda Productions. We are currently trying to find a house to set up as our headquarters, so we don't have as much time to bring you cool stuff at the moment. However, we will definitely have a new podcast this week! And - of course - work on episode 5 of the machinima is in full swing.

For all of you reading this, we here at WerePanda Productions want to say: Thank you. We know we are small, we know we aren't "the best", but your support means the most to us. We hope you continue to enjoy the work we do as much as we enjoy doing it. - Daniel Shepherd/Director

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Have you seen it?!

Welcome to the WerePanda Productioins page, we're happy you're here, yada, yada, yada, why haven't you clicked HERE yet to see Episode 4?! That's the reason to be here, on our page now (it's what brought me here today too). The fourth episode is another installment in the Adventuring Heroes series, which I am particularly fond of. And it has everything to do with the fact that it focuses around Ben, and the makings of his Company. There is fun for the whole family in this episode!

Remember to let us know what you think about the episodes and our vision (that we of course are making a reality) on our respective pages, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and of course feel free to email us at If there's something you would like to see us focus on, no one knows but you. Why not let a few other people in on your thoughts? It's a little extroverted to do so, but it could make a world of difference! - Levi Todd/ Commander

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Fire is Out.

You heard me, after two weeks of frantic panic, heart attacks, and standing around in disbelief, the fire was finally taken care of! Special thanks to Jake for coming through the room one day, and pressing the off button, that electric fireplace could have been dangerous without you!

This week ushers in a few new things for you to look at. The first thing to be aware of is that the podcasts are now properly chronological. You can check out our most recent one HERE We find the podcasts are a great way to loosen up through a stressful two weeks of work, and work - and on some occasions…work - and have a blast talking about the things that we've experienced over the weeks, hypothetical situations, and general boisterousness. Trust me, it's worth the listen!

The podcast isn't the only thing you came looking for this week, though. Check out the new Tribal Pokemon HERE. Marvel in it's awesomeness! Jealous? I am… The things a man/woman can do with a pen, paper, pencil, colored pencil, or - better yet - a computer, are rather intense. I'd show you my work that I've been perfecting if I could, but given the most recent retina's I burned as a result, it is apparently too good for any mortal to see!

Good things are in the works! Have you seen our 4th Episode yet? I cannot wait until it is posted for all to see! That'll be coming next week, for your viewing pleasure. That's it for me this week; remember: if you have any questions or comments, you can message us through our facebook, or twitter page, and even make comments on our videos through YouTube. If you can't get enough of my writing…I understand, and I'd be happy to talk all about it! - Levi Todd/Commander

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